Concept Of Local Vendor

Do You
Really want To Grow Your Business Locally?

Do you Want To Scale Your Business?

Doing business in India can still be a troublesome endeavour, and having local help can really make the difference to the success of your venture.

Your Burning Problems.

Today every Businessman Or Entrepreneurs wants to build their Customer network but did not know how to reach the interested person.

Advertisements in newspapers are very costly.

Currently, it is difficult to reach comparable interested people due to additional advertising and other chats on social media

If you move on the field, go to the market, the new company is not immediately set up by the old traders 

Introducing India’s First Ever Business Call Center 


Where to get information about which business can be started in your area

Unique platform for connecting Buyers With Sellers

This platform for anybody who is looking forward for Material Suppliers Or Need Service For There Business.

With just 1 call  a call Center may avail the directory of available offers Of Companies to Interested People 

Best suited for those who want to grow their business in a profound, cost-effective and hassle-free way. 

Advertise your Business on Chawadi Call Center

Concept Of Business Menu Card

Business menu card

While individuals starting a new business often have a good understanding of industry requirements, they may overlook important aspects due to the complexity and confusion of the process.

The business menu card aims to provide entrepreneurs with a comprehensive list of machinery and Other Things required for their industry, including details on whether these machines And matarial should be imported or sourced locally.

Subsequently, the Lead is distribuïed to all manufacturers or shopkeepers specializing in providing the required materials.

This streamlined approach enables entrepreneurs to address their queries and connect with numerous suppliers efficiently, all through a single phone call

Chawadi Call Center is pioneering the first-of-its-kind service in India, setting a new standard for customer support excellence.

Why Chawadi ?

Chawadi Training and Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Look At The Value We Create In Form Of Testimonials

People pay money for information about the industry because they trust that Chawadi will guide them in the right direction.

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Here is What I Wanna Give You...

Suppliers Category

  1. Inverter Repair & Services
  2. Building Contractor
  3. Astrologer or Vaastu Consultant
  4. CA and Tax Consultant
  5. Government licence And Tender assistance
  6. Interior Designer
  7. Lawyers
  8. Estate Agents
  9. Mandap Decorators
  10. Software Testing Institutes
  11. Photographers
  12. Pest Control Services
  13. Cranes On Rent
  14. Courier Services
  15. AC Installation Services
  16. Labour Contractors
  17. Plumber
  18. House Keeping Services
  19. call Center And BPO Services
  20. Digital Marketing Agency
  21. Logistics Service Provider
  22. A Coach Or Consultant
  23. Education And Training
  24. Contractor And Freelancer
  25. IT And Telecom Services
  26. Engineering Services
  27. Security Systems And Supplies
  28. Event Planner & Services
  29. Computer Repair & Services
  30. Trademark Registration Consultants
  31. Placement Services (For Employers)
  32. JCB Hire
  33. Food Safety License Consultants
  34. Provident Fund Consultants
  35. ISO Certification Consultants
  36. Android Application Developers
  37. Advertising Agencies
  38. Generator Repair & Services
  39. Property Valuers
  40. Office Cleaning Services
  41. Epoxy Flooring Contractors
  42. Calibration Services
  43. Video Shooting Services
  44. Security Services For Bouncer
  45. Accounting Services
  46. Commercial Security Services
  47. Turnkey Consultants & Solutions

Wholesale / Dukadar can advertise?

  1. Building Material
  2. Logistics
  3. Electrical material Supplier
  4. Furniture
  5. Electronics
  6. Fabrication
  7. Hardware & Tools
  8. Safety Equipment
  9. Computer & accessories
  10. Printing & stationary
  11. Fire Extinguisher Dealers
  12. Electrical Contractors
  13. Sign Board Manufacturers
  14. Portable Toilet Dealers
  15. Tour and Travels Agencies
  16. Laboratory Testing
  17. Services For Water and Food
  18. Scrap Dealers
  19. Garden Contractors
  20. Solar Energy System Dealers
  21. Loan Solutions provider


Will it really benefit after advertising?

✅Since last 12 years, Chawadi has been working to guide the entrepreneurs, so if the customers get information about the dealer/distributor/franchisee now, the company will surely benefit.

✅ Chawadi has been successful in establishing itself as a platform that provides information about specific businesses.

✅ So Chawadi is a viable alternative to advertising in any other place

Exactly how is this advertisement process going to be?

✅Chawadi advertises its call centre through different channels

✅Instead of starting a new business of their own, people who are interested in buying a dealership directly call the call center and get information

✅Representatives fill the web form on the website and send the information to the company by mail

✅ The company then contacts the aspirants later and connects them with the company.

Where and how to advertise?

✅The company who wants to advertise has to upload the complete information on our portal through a form

✅ In this mainly information about the company, as well as the dealership offer has to be given.

✅ Then the strategy team will list and publish your ad in the call centre

How many leads will we get after advertising and for how many days?

✅We try to give Filter Lead so it is not possible to say exactly how many leads we will get

✅ After you take the package, you will not get leads immediately from the next day. The package is for a year, you can get leads anytime during the year.

✅But according to the package you have taken, it is sure that you will continue to get leads.

One Demo Call How Call Center Works..


✅You should be LLP / Private Limited Company / Public Limited Company. / Partnership Firm/Registered Firm

✅Company should be at least one year old.

✅If you have a proprietary firm, then the turnover of at least one year in the past should be 1 lakh rupees.

✅The company should have at least two employees of its own.

✅Company should have its own website.

✅You should have a trademark for at least one of the products you are planning to sell.

✅The company should have its own GST number.

✅Advertising of network marketing company will not work.

✅Own manufacturing or own service provider company.

Common Frequent Ask Questions ?

From which area will we get the lead?

Depending on your package you will get major leads from the segment you are going to advertise for, exceptionally you may get some leads from other segments too..

Where and how will we get the lead?

You will get all incoming lead emails for your industry including interested persons name, mobile number and email id.

What exactly do you mean by filter leads?

When a person sees Chawadi’s advertisement through various channels, he automatically calls the call centre if he is interested in those things, so we call this segment filter leads because the customer has called us automatically.

Suppose I made some offer to sell out my goods before Diwali, can I reach people through Chawadi?

Yes definitely at this time once a year you will be given free information about the offers you have taken from all social media platforms of Chawadi.

It has a paid facility in which you can advertise the available data from your local chawadi in paid form. But note that this facility will be chargeable

If I get a dealer distributor after advertising with you and they cheat me, will Chawadi be responsible for this?

No We are only connecting you with each other and we will not be directly or indirectly involved in any of your transactions (financial or otherwise).

Will Chawadi help the dealer distributor to do business in the local area by advertising or publicising it?

Yes but of course this service will be chargeable.

Local Pricing Plans

( Retailer / Service Provider )

Feature listStandard PlanGold PlanPremium Plan
Number of Business Listings ( 1 District )Free List 1 Business MC5 Business MCAll Business MC
LeadsInquiryFilter and Specific UnlimitedFilter and Specific Unlimited
Dedicated Relationship Manager Support
Lead Analysis
BCP Program
Live Business Webinar
Job Posting
Enquiry SourceOn Email Email + Notification SMSEmail + Notification SMS
PricesFree for YearRs.9,000/YearRs.15000 /Year
*Bill annually ( 18 % GST Extra )

Offer Limited Ends In Next ..

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

How To Proceed..

Sitting thinking will not increase the business, action has to be taken

Call us if you still have any doubts with Pratidhini, cancel it and pay immediately. After you pay you have to fill the form on the website then after strategy plan your ad will be live on call centre in next 8 days.

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