Concept Of Old Machines / Material

Do You
want To sale your Old Plant , Machinery Or Material ?

Do you Want To Wrap Up Your Business?

You started the business with great enthusiasm but for some reason it got closed and now the machinery is lying there.

Your Burning Problems.

For some reason the business closed down and currently the machinery is lying there and the bank instalments are owed to the people and most of the investment is stuck in the machinery and setup.

It is not clear who exactly to sell the machine to because no one from the local area inquires about it

Want to buy a new setup or mission but can’t buy a new one without selling the old one

Due to some reasons the shop closed down but most of the items I bought in cash are still the same along with the furniture counter in the shop

The hotel went out of business but the inventory was so large that the loss would not be recouped unless it was sold

Tried upselling on some other platforms but not getting customers who would really and truly buy quickly

Advertisements in newspapers are very costly.

Currently, it is difficult to reach comparable interested people due to additional advertising and other chats on social media

The question is to go to the market and sell it to someone


Introducing India’s First Ever Business Call Center 


Where to get information about which business can be started in your area

Unique platform for connecting distributors, franchisees with relevant companies and vice-versa.

This platform for anybody who is looking forward to Appointing or Becoming a Distributor, Franchisee and Stockiest. 

With just 1 call  a call Center may avail the directory of available offers Of Companies to Interested People 

Best suited for those who want to grow their business in a profound, cost-effective and hassle-free way. 

We can professionally help you sell your old machine or material

What information do you get when you call?

✅Information about what can be the best business for you.

✅Information about suitable options for a person who is willing to take up a direct dealership rather than starting his own new business.

 ✅New company information for someone who already owns a dealership and is looking for a new deal.

✅ Along with other facilities required for business like licence, registration, information about government schemes.

✅Information about material vendor, supplier, dealer, distributor, stockist required for business.

Why Chawadi ?

Chawadi Training and Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Look At The Value We Create In Form Of Testimonials

People pay money for information about the industry because they trust that Chawadi will guide them in the right direction.

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Here is What I Wanna Give You...

Who can advertise?

✅ A person who wants to sell his Missionaries or sell a setup

✅ Those who want to sell old machinery and buy new

✅Those who have closed their business completely and want to sell all their material goods.  Anyone can advertise on this call centre only, We have banned some business categories whose requirements are currently not coming to our call centre. Like pen manufacturing industry, emu farming, rabbit farming etc.

Companies in which sector can advertise for sale of old machinery / or material?


✅ Food Sector

✅ Food ,Café , Restaurant Business

✅ Automobile Sector

✅ Education Sector

✅ Retail

✅ Health And Beauty

✅ Agriculture

✅ Apparel And Fashion 

✅ Electronics And Electrical 

✅ Hardware And Suppliers

✅ Gift ,Craft , Furniture

✅Industrial Suppliers

✅ Plastic And Products

✅ Pharmaceuticals 

✅ Consumer Products

✅ Any Industry

✅ कोणताही दुकानदार 

Will it really benefit after advertising?

✅Since 12 years Chavadi has been working as a guide to entrepreneurs so those who want to start their own business definitely call themselves Chawadi. 

✅ Chawadi has been successful in establishing itself as a platform that provides information about specific businesses.

✅ Entrepreneurs who want to start a business have a big problem of budget, if they get the machinery required for their business at a low price, many people are willing to buy it, but they were not getting the information that they get from this call centre immediately and immediately on a phone.

✅Many entrepreneurs are in search of where they can get old ones instead of buying new ones every time as per the need but earlier they could not get that information easily and simply because of Chavadi call centre this problem is solved now.

✅ The shopkeepers who are running business will be benefited if they can get the goods or materials for regular sale from another closed shopkeeper at a cheaper price than the company is buying from the company.

✅So Chawadi is a viable alternative to advertising in any other place

Exactly how is this advertisement process going to be?

✅Chawadi advertises its call centre through different channels

✅Instead of starting a new business of their own, people who are interested in buying a dealership directly call the call center and get information

✅Representatives fill the web form on the website and send the information to the company by mail

✅ The company then contacts the aspirants later and connects them with the company.

Where and how to advertise?

✅The company who wants to advertise has to upload the complete information on our portal through a form

✅ In this mainly information about the company, as well as the dealership offer has to be given.

✅ Then the strategy team will list and publish your ad in the call centre

How many leads will we get after advertising and for how many days?

✅We try to give Filter Lead so it is not possible to say exactly how many leads we will get

✅ After you take the package, you will not get leads immediately from the next day. The package is for a year, you can get leads anytime during the year.

✅But according to the package you have taken, it is sure that you will continue to get leads.

One Demo Call How Call Center Works..


✅ The machinery you are selling should be accompanied by a firm bill in your name or in the name of your firm

✅ If there is a bank’s burden (hypothecation) on that machine, then it is necessary to give the information beforehand..

✅ While advertising you are expected to provide inside and outside photos of your entire unit or production plant or shop

✅ Note that this is not a platform for selling home goods.

✅ Through Chavadi Call Center you can only sell that which is business related and we can get calls about it.

✅Advertising of network marketing company products will not work.

Common Frequent Ask Questions ?

From which area will we get the lead?

Depending on your package you will get major leads from the segment you are going to advertise for, exceptionally you may get some leads from other segments too..

Where and how will we get the lead?

You will get all incoming lead emails for your industry including interested persons name, mobile number and email id.

What exactly do you mean by filter leads?

When a person sees Chawadi’s advertisement through various channels, he automatically calls the call centre if he is interested in those things, so we call this segment filter leads because the customer has called us automatically.

If I get a dealer distributor after advertising with you and they cheat me, will Chawadi be responsible for this?

No We are only connecting you with each other and we will not be directly or indirectly involved in any of your transactions (financial or otherwise).

Suppose our machine / material is not sold then will you refund our money?

No, we only charge advertising money and we do not guarantee that you will make a definite purchase, so under no circumstances will you get back the advertised money.

Old Sale Pricing Plans

Feature listStandard PlanGold Plan
Number of Business ListingsFree List 1 Business1 Business
LeadsOn WebsiteUnlimited From all Network
Dedicated Relationship Manager Support
PricesFree for YearRs.750/Month
*Bill annually

Offer Limited Ends In Next ..

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

How To Proceed..

Sitting thinking will not increase the business, action has to be taken

Call us if you still have any doubts with Pratidhini, cancel it and pay immediately. After you pay you have to fill the form on the website then after strategy plan your ad will be live on call centre in next 8 days.

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